Xinput remapping?

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I just downloaded and fired up the game with the QOA mods and besides a few bugs (that i'd like to report... where?) my biggest issue is that the start and select buttons do nothing and i have to reach for the keyboard to open the pause menu, and to press F1 to see the details on the cars on the buy menu. Really annoying tbh.
i'm using the launcher 1.24, so MAYBE, these things got solved? probably not from what i've seen in the changelog tho.
Anyways, i wouldn't mind no remapping as long as the ESC and F1 buttons are set to the start and select buttons. But full control of the mapping on the joystick would be awesome.
If this can be done somehow, sorry and thanks for letting me know.

TLDR: Xinpiut remapping feature, possible?
Hey there, placebo! Welcome to the forums! Always exciting to see new faces rediscovering the game and we're glad you were able to set up the Launcher without too much hassle to re-experience the game.

Regarding your issues with using an XInput controller, by default, SHAR has no way of rebinding the pause menu key and it's always mapped to the ESC key. However, the Launcher comes with a hack (Rebindable Menu Gamepad Inputs) that allows the user to change this key (as well as the 'Accept' input) to whatever they desire!

Go into the Settings tab of the Launcher to enable it. Once enabled, highlight the hack, and click the 'Mod Settings...' button.

From there, you can change the pause button to whatever you want. I normally don't play with a controller, but by setting my Back Input button to 'Start', and ticking the 'Pause with Primary' box, I'm able to pause the game with my Dualshock 4's 'Options' button (using DS4Windows to use it as an XInput controller). Tested this real quick by booting up the game and trying to pause with it.

As for the other XInput inputs, they should be re-bindable in-game. Using a keyboard, you can head into the Options menu when the game starts and head into the Controller settings. From there, you can choose what you would like to set your XInput controller inputs to. Just press the Enter key, and then press the appropriate button on your controller to rebind it.

Hopefully that helps and makes the controller a bit more comfortable to use! Again, I don't normally play with a controller, but this should allow for a more comfortable and completely configurable setup.

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