Vehicle/Car Mega Sound Pack

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I was messing around with car sounds and stuff and realized there was never a mod resource for vehicle sounds for use in mods or what ever and noticed some mods using default vehicle sounds, so I made a big pack of vehicle sounds, a zip file containing a ton of vehicle sounds taken from several games taken off of the sound resource, half life 2 and some other valve games and some sounds I've found from some gmod addons (which is where i found gta san andreas and gta 4's vehicle sounds). This also includes all of the SHAR vehicle sounds exported from their rsds as well. These can be used in your mods. Most of these aren't converted or saved in the right format for use in a rsd file for the game out of the zip file and some may be quiet or too loud, some sounds are probably also looped badly from what ever game they came from, so some of these would probably need some editing in audacity first before using one of them. The download is around 800 mbs.

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