Community Rules [Feb 22, 2014]

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These are our official community rules. These rules cover the entire website (forum, blog, boards, profiles). Though the chat has chat specific rules (see below), the chat follows most of the rules here.

1. Do not spam or self-promote

Spam is defined as the creating of messages/posts/threads that are advertisements, abusive, or otherwise unwanted on these forum. This includes repeated/double posting, overuse of formatting, or pointless threads. Please keep in mind that any thread that encourages repetitive or pointless posting will be removed. Do not post one word replies either.

Do not spam the forum with your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business, forum, etc. Please note that there are two exceptions to the self-promotion rule. If you are making a mod for Simpsons: Hit & Run, you may post your mod in one of the five game modification boards, and you may also promote your website, artwork, twitter, etc. in your signature. Just don't abuse the signature either.

New users who spam will be banned permanently. All other forms of spamming will be dealt with in accordance to the severity of the spam.

2. Do not post sexually explicit or otherwise offensive material

Posting anything which is offensive, hateful, obscene or illegal is not allowed. Swearing is not prohibited, but is otherwise discouraged. Excessive swearing will have your post removed and an email will be sent to your inbox. Use of words or other terms to describe a group of people will NOT be tolerated. You will be immediately banned.

Swearing to get a point across is allowed, though swearing to be rude, crude, or mean is not allowed. You may notice time to time staff will swear, this is fine.

3. Do not post copyright-infringing material

Do not post post any copyrighted material which you are not free to redistribute (subject to the licensing terms of the specific item). If you have a question about posting a specific item, please ask a moderator. We do not condone nor accept posts pertaining to illegal activities such as hacking, cracking, warez, or spam. This rule also applies to signatures and avatars.

Any posts or threads found in violation of this rule will be edited or deleted, and the poster warned or possibly banned; at the moderation team's discretion.

4. Do not post personal information about another user without their consent

Posting personal information about another person or user without their consent is not allowed. This includes phone numbers, home or email addresses, pictures, or any other embarrassing or personable identifiable information.

Those found in violation of this rule will be warned and possibly banned at the discretion of the moderation team.

5. Do not create more than one more account or impersonate anyone

There is no reason why you should have more than one account. If you are banned from the forum/blog, please do not create a new account. The only exception to the matter is making a "Mod Team" account which all users of the team must have access to. A mod team account requires at least two members. In addition, you should not attempt to impersonate anyone. Doing so will result in immediate banishment and your access to the forum and blog will be revoked.

6. Be respectful to other users

Please respect everyone here. Show them the courtesy you too would like to receive. You have every right to disagree with your fellow community members and explain your perspective. However, do so politely and respectfully. By doing so, you help create a healthy community. If you have a problem with a user, either ignore them or get in contact with a staff member.

7. Don't share shortend links (, tinyurl,

Please avoid sharing shortend links. This is considered spammy.

8. Don't create "x VS x" threads.

Please don't create "x VS x" threads. They're unnecessary and upset other users. Examples of those threads are "PC vs Mac" or "Android vs iOS". If you do post any "x VS x" threads, you will be warned and your topic will be deleted.

9. Bumping topics/double posting

Double posting is forbidden unless you are bumping a topic or hit the post limit. Bumping a topic is also against the rules in some cases. You may only bump a topic if it has not received attention within forty-eight hours of the last post. You may bump your topic once, if it does not receive any more attention, the topic is then dead and should be left as such. It may also not be on the "Recent posts" sidebar at the time of your bump.

10. Image only replies are forbidden

If posting an image or a group of images, you need to provide a full-length English sentence along with it.