Support/Bugs rules and information

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On the Support or Bugs board, we handle things slightly different here. Understand that not everyone experiences the issues that you do, but we can attempt to help you.

Before posting, check around the forum. We have a bunch of already addressed things that may help you play your game.

Already addressed issues:

* Compatibility mode can potentially fix lag, graphical issues, and loading issues.

* Current known mod issues

If your issue is still present, here is how to make an appropriate topic. Click on the "Create Topic" button and then type the type of issue in your topic name field. For example "Game crashes when I finish Level 1 Mission 3". Explain what you do to cause the crash and include all known information about your computer, copy of the game, and if you're running the game in compatibility mode.

PLEASE NOTE: If you install any other mods, we can not guarantee our mod works with it. Do not post anything if you have multiple mods installed.

After you've addressed all this, post your topic. It may take a few days before someone can address your issue. Please do not insult, harass, or swear at them. All of us are trying to help you. We may link you to another topic that already addressed the issue. Once you tell us you're all patched up and working, we'll lock the topic. If the topic is inactive for over two weeks, we'll let the topic sink to the bottom of the board.