Off-Topic: Rules and Guidelines.

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Welcome to the Off Topic section! Here you can discuss movies, books, news, games, music, programming, design, that new follower you got on instagram, and anything else unrelated to our community. We do have a few rules here, and of course the community rules still apply.

1. Community Rules still apply

As stated above the community rules still apply. Aren't familiar with them? Get familiar with them! :)

2. Forum games belong in their own board-- not here.

Personally, I find forum games to be full of spam. But we felt it helps the community enjoy themselves more. So we created a Forum games board. Enjoy!

3. No sub4sub, follow back, ect threads

While we do encourage our users to become friends, we do not want the disgusting spam that these threads open up. You can share your links in a private message.