The Unmodified File Archive - Get Replacement Files Here!

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Did you screw up and replace a file with a modded one, and you have no backup? You've come to the right place!

The files linked below are clean, unmodified versions of files that the game uses, just in case you replaced a file by accident and do not have any sort of backup.


Archive - Scripts:

Contains all of the games .con files for car AIs, and the games .MFK files used for mission objectives/object placement/etc. in a level. Download this if you replaced a mission or car AI with a modified file.

Archive - Art:

Contains all of the games.p3d files, which the game uses for models and textures.

Normally, you should be able to restore these files with Lucas' P3D Editor assuming it successfully created a .bak file of the vehicle you were editing. However, if it was downloaded from here or elsewhere, didn't come with a .bak, or you deleted it, then you can get replacements in the link above.

Only other major files I can think of (Besides the .exe, and the .dlls...) is the music files. I won't upload these unless there is some sort of demand for these to be uploaded. At the moment, we haven't figured out a way to create .RSD files and place them back inside the .RCF archive to replace songs. If this is discovered in the future, or if somebody REALLY wants them, I can upload them separately.

Also, if you find ANY modified files in archive, please let me know. They all appear to be original, but if I screwed up an placed a file that's a modified mission, I'll replace it with a clean version.

Edit from AerHx: I magnetted the topic because I can this being helpful. Thank you.
I magnetted the topic because I can this being helpful. Thank you. :)