The Hit and Run Soundtrack - Now Being Uploaded to Soundcloud!

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Soundcloud link

While it isn't official, I'm currently uploading all of the games tracks to Soundcloud, properly labeled.

It currently isn't much at the moment, as I've only uploaded most of Bonestorm Storm's tracks. I later plan to add MP3 and FLAC download links that combines the parts together for every song in the game. Until then, you can also download the unedited .WAVs, or listen to them in the link above.
Awesome! Thanks for the upload(s) :)
I wish i could overclock them...

Imagine if the Mario Galaxy orchestra would compose them?
Much appreciated for the kind words. I'll continue uploading everything sometime soon.

I guess I'll also begin sharing my "combined parts" MP3s and then the FLACs.
I would add this to my first post, but for some reason the edit tools are just taking me back to the front page.

Anyway, added my MP3s to my Google Drive. I would recommend downloading these instead of the ones on Soundcloud simply because I tried to combine every possible part of the song into one, which is better for listening purposes. The ending of the songs either use the mission complete ending, failed ending, or the ending for when you exit you vehicle. I just chose whichever one I thought sounded best attached to the end of the main song. Also included is a fan-made "extended" version of the Kwik-E-Mart I made myself. The original is in my Google Drive, under the name "Kwik-E-Mart (Level 7)o".

Please note that I haven't properly tagged two of the songs. The one mentioned above, and the title screen.

FLACs coming eventually, and then hopefully I'll upload the separate parts by themselves on Soundcloud.
┬┐what program you used?