Level 2 Idea Changes

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For the first mission, dry to the try and save but this time you have to destroy Skinner's car. when you destroyed the car, you try to go back to the try and save, but then a sedan comes and chases you; you have to get away from it. When you lost the sedan, drive back to the try and save and talk to Jimbo to get the fireworks.

For the second mission, It will basically be the same except there is a strict time limit, even in Moe's! you have to get away from three police cars instead of one in the last part of the mission.

For the third mission, a time limit and extra racers are added.

For the fourth mission, you will have to follow the black van for much longer, with the harrass mod enabled. The harass cars are either sedans, or other black vans or black pizza vans. when you finished following them, the race against snake will not have extra racers, but a strict time limit.

For the fifth mission, there is a strict timer starting at 15 seconds. When you collect some flatmeat, 25 seconds will be added to the timer. when you collect all of them, one minute is added to the timer. You will have to destroy apu's car which is much stronger and faster.

For the sixth mission, Mr. Plow will cost 350 coins to buy. the timer will start at 30 seconds. if you collect a monkey, 10 seconds is added to the timer. when you collected them all you will have to get in your car. suddenly, an armoured van will come and get you; you have to get away from it. when you get away from it. get the satellite from Dr. Nick.

For the seventh mission, instead of four cell phone cars, you have to destroy six. When you destroy two of the cars, the cell phone cars will come and harass you.

For the bonus mission, time is made harder in this mission.

Like my suggestions?
Mission 1 Idea: It is an interesting way to expand the mission, but I personally believe it will make more sense if you just try to get away from Skinners instead.

Mission 2 idea: Not bad, but I'm not sure if it's possible to have three police cars to chase you at once.

Mission 3 idea: Pretty much what I was doing with Nerd Race Queen.

Mission 4 idea: Forgive me, but could you explain what this "harass mod" is? I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you mean by this.

Mission 5 idea: I guess the concept of having time added when you collect an item COULD be possible. I guess each roadkill could be part of a separate objective, and when each one is collected, a command is added to the next objective to add more time to the current timer (hope this makes sense). It would probably be better just to have a strict time limit for the roadkill collecting, and twenty-five seconds for one peace of roadkill sounds like a LOT of extra time, assuming all of the roadkill from the original mission is present.

Mission 6 idea: Loren had talked about increasing the amount of money you need a bit, so that will happen anyway. For the same reasons as Better Than Beef, a stricter timer would be a much easier alternative.

Mission 7 idea: It doesn't sound like a bad idea, but it may be better to just keep the current car amount and buff the stats. By harassing, do you mean the cars will actually try to fight back while you're trying to destroy them? That could be a cool idea, though I'm not sure how that would work.

Of course, it really isn't my decision, that boils down to another persons opinion. Jake's, correct?
Nope, it's up to Loren (mrduckbringer)
Ah, sorry. Thought you were working on Level 2, couldn't remember.
I mean't by this if i am talking about the harrass thingy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=c12VITon2Lk
For the last mission, we can do a boss with the dinotruck in the stage!

We take a car (three in the area), a nuclear bomb's spawn, and the truck.
Er, i'm confused what you're talking about.
That's just an idea! ;)
There is no goable stadium. It just an empty place and there's no model for dinothing. Both are only in the cutscene, which is a video.