Bonus Wasps Suggestions

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In Donut we're going to include 20 new bonus wasps in each level to make it a bit easier to purchase the price-hiked everything in this mod.

At the moment we have 10 in Level 1, and sometime after the first actual release of the level there are going to be 10 more. And 20 more for each level onward.

Drop suggestions on this thread on where you think we should put the wasps.

(Images are really helpful by the way, if you're not very specific about it)
put one here:


put one here
Twenty additional wasps sounds like a lot. You may want to raise the prices a bit more to counter this. I know the prices are being raised to begin with, but raising them so more wouldn't hurt.

That being said, going over Level 2, found two places that would work well.

Under Lard Lad's legs.

Behind the crashed bus at the Springfield DMV.

Now that I think about it, hiding a wasp behind Cletus' house would be a good idea. There's nothing really behind his house other than a Buzz Cola box. He has a small shed that you could easily hide a wasp behind it.
and one here:
It would be better if you waited until you found all of your possible suggestions and then just put them all in one post instead of several.
What an open-ended world!

Maybe you should place one near the springfield church or the krusty burgers.
Can we do a mod, in which one, the Skins Shop won't permit to buy a suit, but a character!

That's would be sooo cool! ^^
What is the problem?

A = You went over the games hard-coded limit of four

B = If you speak to a character while playing as a non - level character the game crashes