Simpsons Hit & Run: Cheats

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Here are the cheats for the PC version of the game:

Press Start In-Game and go to options and hold down F1 and press:

Kick To change character model: Down down down left (note: talking to anyone will crash the game except if you are that levels default character also you need a 100% save file. If you need one, here is a link:

Make the secret car of every level become a Red Brick car: Down down right left

Unlock More Camera angles: Down down down up

Cars Blow Up in One Hit: right,right,left,left

Show a speedometer above the radar: right,right,down,left

Higher Acceleration: right,right,right,right

No Top Speed: left,left,left,left,

Invincible Cars: right,up,right,up

Press Horn To Do a Leap Of faith: left,left,left,right

All Cars: Up,Down,Up,Down

(Need 100% again)

Enter the Options screen and hold F1, then enter the following with the arrow keys. Note: This may crash the game. To avoid this, start a new game and enter the codes at the in-game options screen.

Effect Code

All cards (after beating the game) Up - Up - Up - Up

All character costumes (after beating the game) Left - Right - Left - Right

All vehicles (after getting 100%) Up - Down - Up - Down

Different camera angles Down - Down - Down - Up

Drive a toy car Down - Down - Right - Left

Higher acceleration Right - Right - Right - Right

Invulnerability Right - Up - Right - Up

No top speed Left - Left - Left - Left

One hit destruction Right - Right - Left - Left

Play As Any Character (100% game finished) Down - Down - Down - Left

Press horn to jump Left - Left - Left - Right

Speedometer Right - Right - Down - Left

Have nice luck! ^^
the lucas tweak have an option that say the tricks of the game,this is a avise for darksonic2 and cooper13
the lucas tweak is old and very outdated
the image coming soon