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Hi everyone,

My name is Joe McGinn, I was the senior game designer on The Simpsons Hit & Run at Radical. Since then I spent another 10 years as a designer in the game industry, and am now teaching game design and programming at the Digipen Singapore Institute of Technology.

Anyway, I just found your site and wanted to say that it delighted me to see that people are still making use of our game and even creating new content and missions! Hit & Run is still one of the best games I ever worked on so it's great to see there's some activity and interest.

In the next couple days I'm going to install my copy of the game so that I can try some of your mods, included the latest the Donut Mod. One thing about working on a game, it's not usually fun to play it yourself, even if it's good. So I'm actually looking forward to playing some missions made by someone else!

Also if you have any questions about the original game's development, fire away! I will do my best to answer.

If you are just a new "JustinBoy" just stop, OKEY!

And if you really were a game designer at Radical prove it, not to be demanding but we don´t have anything that prove that your really "Joe". And I really hope the developers understand this.
I´ve gotten enough of the "Justinboy" thing.
Haha I guess you had some faker? Well the mod can see the email I registered from is my work email at Digipen, you can see my bio on the Digipen Singapore site, and the mod can email me at work to verify. Would that satisfy you? If not what do you suggest?

I'm Jake, one of the people who made Donut Mod and I am the lead website developer. I really appreciate your kind words.

The other members of the team are @DuckDotExe, @cornholio309, @bomberman333, and @Kyle. There's also @Lucasc190 who creates all of our modding tools and the mod launcher. If you want to reach out to us directly, you can email me at jake@donutteam.com. There's something we're avoiding telling our community as it's a surprise that we'd love to show off to the actual devs now.

We've talked with a few of you other developers, and I want to say the same thing I said to them: With all the work you guys did, it truly inspired us as both hobbyist (or indie) game developers and modders to push the boundaries. We're still learning things as we go, and we're finding more and more about the game and what we can do with it, but overall we're very inspired by the original work you guys crafted. Personally, I'd love to see a sequel or a remake, but I wouldn't want anyone but the original guys to dare to touch it. I don't think it'd get the proper treatment by anyone else.

Jake Andreøli
Thanks for the warm welcome Jake! I will contact you from my work email (so you know it's authentic) re the surprise, can't wait to see what your team is working on. From clues on the site I'm guessing/hoping it's something to do with the ability to edit terrain and the world itself, which if so is massively cool.

Don't see a sequel very likely (much as I would love to make it, or even just play it) as Radical is no longer really there as a game developer, and the team has been spreading to the winds for almost ten years now (I have gotten as far as Singapore myself!). And of course these days the Simpsons license is pretty expensive. Not like when we were making Road Rage and Hit & Run. At that time there had been mostly only terrible Simpsons games (original arcade and Virtual Springfield excepted) so as a small developer all we had to do was convince Fox that we had a great game concept and development team.

I verified your account as being legitimate! I'll reply to your email shortly. :)

EDIT: I've replied to your email, though I am off to bed now. Thanks for joining and I look forward to talking to you Joe!
@Noviwan Ok I'm fine with the proof... I apologies for my rudeness and I hope you understand.

If I may ask a question, how did you find the forum? And also why?
Greetings, My name is Gordon(2nd Account), I'm creator of mod "Some Changes & More Chase Sedans", Welcome to Donutteam.com!
No problem at all Victorio, totally understandable.

How I found it: some gamedev friends were joking that they are so old that some of their work is now considered retro. So I searched about Hit & Run to see if any of my work fit that definition. Saw your site.

Why: Hit & Run was a very successful game, millions of players, and is one of the two best products I've worked on. I'm an entertainer by trade, so that made me happy, that the game was fun to many people. When I saw the mod site it made me happy for the same reason: some people are still having fun with something I helped make. A new kind of fun, a kind of fun I like, the making of things for others to enjoy.
Oh no, they found us! GOTTA HIDE!!
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