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Now that most things are customizable in the game - missions, vehicles, textures, audio (in some ways) and now maps, I was wondering, would any of the following be possible to implement in game?

Wanted Level The Hit and Run system is probably one of my least favorite core aspects of the game, considering it's the title of the game and all. You hit too many things, police immediately attack you. What if, say, you get 1/2 your hit and run meter, and cops start coming after you 1 onscreen at a time. Hit a full meter, they come 2 at a time, maybe 3 in later levels. If you have the meter going for a long time, then they start sending 3-4, and possibly other, stronger and faster vehicles. That would be just one way to implement it, there's probably about an infinite and a half amount of ways to do it.

Stamina/Agility In the game, you always run at a fixed speed. While this is great and all, it would be interesting if there was a way to improve your running speed, and slow down after running for too long.

Strength/Muscle Similar to the above, it would be kinda funny if the more you attacked people, wasps, coin boxes/machines, and objects, the faster your animation could be and the more powerful your attack is. For example, a maxed out stat would have 1/2 the animation speed, would destroy a box instantly, and push NPC's much farther.

Accumulative Stats It would also be cool if the game would keep track of things like "Number of Krusty Glass' Broken" or "Vehicles Destroyed" etc. - things that aren't part of level progress, just random stats like that.

If you have any other ideas for stats that could be added,
I'd love to do all these things, and in the future it may be possible. Though it requires a lot of things that the game doesn't support.

I want to add a skill system that you level up and can use to improve your abilities within the game. Not sure how or if that'll ever be possible.
The Wanted Level is something i really wanted to work over, probably as an audition for Donut Team. I was planning on making a GTA V-like Radar that goes Red and Blue whenever Hit and Run is activated. No luck with that so far. :/
EDIT: With the way you wrote about the Wanted Level, can't help but feel like you're referencing Need For Speed: Most Wanted [2005]. Since things in the game are handled like that.
To nobody specific: Considering the gained popularity the site (hopefully?) has, I figure it's good to start posting ideas incase someone sees it and thinks "Hey, I should try doing something like that.".

To Jake: Are the accumulative stats idea thing possible? It seems like the most relatively "addable" thing that you could implement. THe other things would definitely take some coding of how things work.

To Silent: Was kinda just thinking of GTA San Andreas. At one star, only cops naturally spawned will attack at one star, and none spawn that haven't naturally spawned at that level. At 2 there's an increased amount but not spawning out of nowhere yet. At 3+ they spawn frequently, make road blocks (that would be really cool to be implemented, actually) and eventually come with heavier vehicles.
Implementing Road Blocks without missions would likely be a bitch. Might look into that sometime but yeh, good idea.
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I would also like to see Accumulative Stats, I've been thinking since some time if this would be possible. Just like in GTA games where it keeps track of random stats. A number of times busted, times electrocuted by wasps, missions failed and other interesting stats would also be nice to have.

Oh and maybe if possible to implement a health system too. So getting run over by cars like the police cars and the cars from missions will result in losing some health. Exploding your vehicle and getting electrocuted by a wasp should also damage you instead of taking coins away from you. Each character will have 100 health but some are more resistant to damage than others. To restore health, the players will have to find health pickups around the map, just like in GTA games, the cost which depends of the amount of health restored to make game more interesting. For example having 67% health will mean that you need 33 coins to be able to pick up health. If you don't have enough coins, it will either restore depending on how many coins you have, say if you have 50% health but only 20 coins, then either you will have 70% health or simply you will not be able to heal at all. Health display should be in numbers so that it's easier to tell how much health you have and how many coins you need to restore health. Maybe there should be health upgrades too where if you find special items or do an objective, it will increase the maximum health by a couple of points. Saving game should also keep track of the health you have.
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