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Right now I'm taking inventory on the mods people have created. This will be explained in tomorrow's video.

Please let us know the mods you guys have created for The Simpsons: Hit & Run. If you have any screenshots or footage of the mod, please link it in your post. We will be using this footage in tomorrow's video.

OWR relocation
Springfield Grand Prix
Mario Kart Mod:

I'll post some brief video footage to this thread in a little bit.
My Beloved, Nearly Abandoned Some Challenge Mod
Link to mod's post

Some Footage
Footage 1
Footage 2
Footage 3
Footage 4
Footage 5
Here's the footage for the Mario Kart mod. The one called "Mario Kart" is the main one (music is off to make editing convenient), and the other one is just random footage.

With the news we're announcing tomorrow, you may want to keep making mods. :)
A Day in the Life
New trailer I made for this!

Gibstack's Grand Adventure
No footage for this one though :(
i had done squeaky voiced teen mod long ago but luckily i could find it so here is few pics there couldnt get much

Playlist of some footage:
I hope It's not too late
Dr. Manhattan:
Blue Falcon:

you don't have to use all of them, of course, but i recommend picking the most interesting one :)
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