Game Crashing on Mission 3

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I do not know why but in Donut Mode every time I try to start Mission 3 in Level 1 the game crashes. Sometimes the mission will start but it will crash half way threw it and none of the other missions do this so I have no idea what is going on so it must be a bug in the game.

If it is any help here are my mod settings:

Language: English
Difficulty: Normal
UI: Frosted

Also I have no other mods active only Donut Mod and it still crashes.

I just tried the mission on Normal mode with the Frosted UI enabled, with no crashes on my end. When the mission crashes for you half-way through, what do you mean by that? Does the game crash on a specific stage (Get into your car, race Smithers, collect the garbage, etc.)? Does Hellfish Mode do ANYTHING different?

Let us know what happens.
When I try to race smithers I start racing and then it crashes
That used to happen to me, but for some reason it is working now
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