Trick or Treat 2015 - Update 1.5

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We have released a bug fix for the Trick or Treat 2015 mod. You can get it here!

- Fixed an issue where the mod would crash on newer versions of the mod launcher.
- Added an option to disable the Halloween main menu.

Jake AndreĂžli
Was this over the issue I reported?
Yes. It was due to an issue with the current version of the launcher related to redirecting files referenced by Frontend P3D files. The new version uses a different method of redirecting the file that also allows this feature to be toggled on and off.
I'm glad I came to some use! By the way, the Changelog needs updating!
[deleted user]4 years
I have found a crash issue a couple of months ago with the mod. It has to do with getting respawned. For example if you are on top of the car that gets lifted by the beam of the spaceship, you are supposed to respawn on the ground, similarly to when you felt in water or in other dangerous places and you respawned in a safe place. This was the case in level 7 of the original game. But here in this mod, spaceships are added in each level. The problem is that if you are on top of the car that gets lifted and reach the top of spaceship, the game is supposed to place you back on the ground but the game crashes because I think there is no such thing defined.

In other words, the mod crashes the game in levels 1-6 if you let the car gets lifted with you on top of it and you reach the top by waiting long enough or jumping to get here faster.
[deleted user]4 years
Funny how every time I make a new post, there is no new reply after that. It's like I'm being ignored for some reason. But seriously now, has anyone noticed this bug? I'd like it fixed.

Sorry for double post.
I don't know what's causing it. Sorry for not replying, I wasn't intentionally ignoring you. I haven't looked into it yet but I will soon.
[deleted user]4 years
No problem. And to cause the bug, I would recommend using a vehicle with iris transition. You will appear on top of the vehicle, so you are also getting lifted by the beam.
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