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I'm back & Explanation

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Before I say anything else I would like to explain why I left. Basically, in June I have these massive exams. These exams dictate the rest of your life seeing as the Irish education system is absolute garbage. I need a lot of time to prepare for them. Because of this I couldnt allow for any distractions. I even snapped my laptop in half to prevent distraction, so i'm writing this from my ps4. On top of this I suffer from anxiety and i'm experiencing some family problems. And i'm also just at that point in my life I guess. So this has not been a pleasant experience at all. The only thing I feel I could take out of this is that I feel like a new person without my computer distracting me. I believe that I was addicted to the internet and all I needed was a good break to re-evaluate my life. I do regret the manner in which I left DTS, I have been kicking myself evertday since. I feel like an absolute ignoramus and I would like to apologize. If I could change it I would. Not a day hasn't gone since I haven't thought of my friends Jake, Loren, Kenny and Christopher. If you do not want to forgive me I understand. I feel two hundred times better than when I did 2 months ago. I'm happy and almost stress free. Before I started to compile this post, I read that you would maybe like me to finish the winter theme. I would be extremely happy to in June once I get my new computer and those exams are finit. I hope I could Skype you guys again if you want that is, very soon. Next month I may get back to those projects I had in mind, who knows, there's truly no limit. Well that's enough internet for today, I must get back to some study. I love the new website btw Jake. See you guys soon.
Glad to hear from you Kyle and to hear you're doing better, we all do miss you and would love when you can add us back. We'd also love if you'd finish the Winter theme, at your own pace of course. We're all really happy to hear you're doing better. If you want to join us whenever you can, the offer is always available.
Echoing Jake's thoughts, it is indeed very nice to hear from you again Kyle. When the exams are over, and you feel you're ready, the position for the Winter Theme to be finished up is there for you. Please understand that regardless of the decision you choose to make, you won't upset any of us.
Wow i tought you never will be back? i missed you here.
You probably saw the winter theme post i made..
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