PAYDAY 2: Loud Shadow Raid Mod - Preview & Announcement

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PAYDAY 2 is a heisting game released by OVERKILL Software. We take inspiration from this series and similar games to develop our own. Today, we're announcing a small mod for PAYDAY 2 that lets the stealth only heist "Shadow Raid" go loud. Read more below.

Murkywater is a private military corporation who has been investigated numerous times over allegations of unlawful posession of stolen goods. They've come up clean each time. Tonight, we're finding out what they have been hiding in their derelict warehouse by the wharf. Sneak in, grab whatever you can, and get out. Nice and easy. Keep it quiet if you can, police will be quick to respond if you're caught, and we'll need to be extra careful to cover this one up.

- Removed the point of no return, an assault now starts once the heist has gone loud.
- A thermal drill is now required to open the vault if the heist goes loud.
- Spawn points for enemies have been added.
- Captain Winters has been added.
- New preplanning has been added for loud entry and for medic and ammo bag equipment.
- The vault will lock upon the alarm sounding.
- Gas has been added to the sewers if the heist has gone loud. This is to prevent hiding from the police.
- Dialogue has been changed out to make the heist work with the new loud option. Bain will say things said in other heists to indicate new situations.
- You can now set your own music in Shadow Raid.
- Gage packages have been moved around.
- On Deathwish, the ladder behind the complex will be removed 99% of the time. This is an increase from the base game's 80% chance.

Planned changes that have not been developed yet:
- You must erase security footage before leaving.
- ECM rushing in stealth will disable the vault as the heist can now go loud. Would be pretty dumb to ECM rush the beginning, get the vault, and then go loud.
- The blackhawk helicopter will drop off guards every minute.

When will this be done?
As I am developing a brand new mod website for the Donut Team community, and also am looking for a part-time job, I have no estimate on when this will be done. I hope to finish it in April. Featuring much more than what was announced here. Thanks for all the support I got with the initial video. We'll keep you updated.

Coming to Donut Team and LastBullet soon.

Jake Andreøli

Originally posted on /r/paydaytheheist
Great! Nice to see you're trying other things! WISH YOU LUCK!
Want to play payday 2 now :D
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