Community Rework - Part 1 - 11 April 2016

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Today I am here to get public feedback on the forum and on the community as a whole. Please answer as honestly as you can, but DO NOT single out any users.

We will use this data to create our new site and help advance our community to new heights.

1. How do you primarily use the forum?
2. Would separating Donut Team's official news to a blog area be more or less beneficial to the community?
3. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, how well do you think the current forum is?
4. What suggestions do you have for an updated forum?
5. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the the best, how well do you think a new user would react to our forum?
6. If we adopt a darker theme for the website, would you be against or support this decision?
7. If the rules were updated to allow double posting, would you be okay with this?
8. What issues currently face the community in your opinion?
9. Do you believe you will use the brand new mod site?
10. If music mods were once again allowed, would you be supportive or against that movement.
11. If Donut Team started supporting modding from other games, which games would you want supported and why?
12. If you were a member before the new forum, do you think the new site is inferior or better than the old one?
13. If you were a member before the new forum, what did you prefer on the old site?
14. What customisation tools and abilities would you like for profiles?
15. Do you feel appreciated or invovled when using our forum?
16. Do you feel Donut Team has provided promised content or updates? If not, why?
1. Just to see if there's anything new happening here

2. Probably less beneficial unless there's some kind of way to notify us about the news while not on the news page

3.) 7 / 10

4. How about polls and a sort by feature?!

5. Still clueless

6. I wouldn't really enjoy a dark theme. It just doesn't feel..... casual and happy.

7. That increases the chance of spam, so no, so there could notifs telling us that a post was recently edited

8. Tutorials for new users on how to mod. We normal users are too ****ing lazy to make our own nowadays!

9. Only if it's getting updated on a regular basis

10. If they are strictly moderated, then yes. Some fool will eventually upload personally forbidden content like what happened a long time ago.

11. That depends. Is it restricted to just PC games or can console games be suggested?

12. I'M




16. Long story short, yes.
1. Socializing
2. No, same as SomeBot
3. 8/10
6. yes, it looks like the twitter.
7. Yes in certain situations. Like documenting, or mod pages, otherwise no.
9. YES
10. if it's royalty free and credited, yes
11. How about trying to mod radical's later games. (crash) this would be tough, but it could work.
15. Yes, I feel just as important as everyone else, which I love!
16. Yes, because you take the time too listen to us and make the mod better!
Few things to say about what you both have said so far:
- Double posting is a problem, however it can be done in correct and appropriate ways. We're looking to unlock those potentials.
- The mod website will be updated on our end as much as we can, but it's up to the community to supply their mods for it to be a success.
- Music mods would be moderated to a degree, similarly all mods will be. Though because of the new DMCA compliant system we're creating, we're hoping to allow any content with the ability to be notified if there is infringing content.
- We're only accepting PC suggestions, and mostly obsecure games that do not have modding communities that however have modding potential.
Well, that rules out my suggestion for Metal Arms: Glitch in the System getting modded... God knows why it didn't get a PC port when its Xbox and GC ports were released.
1. I use the forum to get in contact with other modders regarding help and suggestions for my mod, and to browse and download mods the community has already made for this game.

2. I think this would be less beneficial since having everything in one place is usually a good idea for small communities like this.

3. I would say 8/10, as I would like to see a notification system and a better search function added.

4. See #3

5. I'd say a new user would have a reaction of 8/10, for the same reasons listed in #3. Otherwise though the forum is very well laid out and has an inviting feel to it.

6. I would support this decision if the user could choose between the current and darker theme, but I personally like the colors you use now. A little change is good every once in a while though.

7. I would be fine with this as long as the two posts were about entirely different topics, as it helps things stay organized.

8. I don't have any significant problems in mind!

9. This is the first I've heard of it, but I likely will if its inclusive of the mods of the community, If its just Donut Mod then I think what you have going already is fine.

10. I would completely support this decision.

11. I think just having SHAR is fine, as having multiple completely different games with no relations on one site would be awkward.

12. N/A

13. N/A

14. Possible rankings and seniority so new users know who to trust with their questions.

15. I feel appreciated as I've already heard a few excited remarks about the mod I'm developing, and also feel involved as I've been trying as hard as I can to provide feedback and suggestions to Donut Team and community members alike.

16. So far Donut Mod has consistently impressed me with its execution of your original idea to revamp the game's missions while still keeping that original Hit and Run feel, and I feel like the updates are reasonably paced considering the amount of work that gets put in to each one. Keep up the good work guys!
My Answers
1. I use the forum to browse mainly through mods, for resources and to see what's going on in the SHAR Community.
2. Nah, it's fine as it is :)
3. 7.8/10
4. Polling and Searching
5. 9/10
6. Completely support it, looks alot better on the eyes imo.
7. No, double posting should stay forbidden. Unless if it's a documentation based post it should be allowed.
8. People who randomly join to troll the community.
9. Absolutely, it looks great in terms of aesthetics and the idea of peoples mods being on the front page for easy access is
overall a brilliant idea.
10. Supportive, especially if said uploader is the actual composer of these soundtracks too.
11. Games which are somewhat obscure or lack modding communities, there's plenty of awesome games which need modding.
12. N/A
13 .N/A
14. Perhaps banners could return? Ranking system and badges.
15. Absolutely, some of the most supportive people on here.
16. Consistency between updates isn't guaranteed, I know that since you've all got your own lives and such; so i really don't have a problem with inconsistent updates.
Donut Mod never fails to impress and every single update keeps getting better and better so i'm looking forward to Episode Four. Keep up the good work.
1. Everyday checking for a new thread. (Possibly, will publish another mod.)
2. N/A
3. 9/10, needs something like notifications, or "Search" Function.
4. "Search" Function, notifications...
5. 9/10, new user won't find something.
6. That will be cool.
7. No, 'cause spammers are everywhere!
8. Somekind of a check? After new user register, he must pass the check. (Possibly, bad idea.)
9. Yes, SC&MCS Will be at front page(?)
10. N/A
11. Portal! Don't know why.
12. New site design looks good.
13. N/A, 'cause don't know.
14. Badges, like "Publish your mod" "Publish a lot 'o mods" "Publish thousand mods" or "Been blocked for a thousand time".
15. N/A, 'cause don't know.
1. Only started using it. Like to read anything interesting.
2. I have no idea
3. 8/10. don't really have a problem with It but would like to see and update
4. I would want an e-mail eveytime that someone adds to the thread that I post or have commented on.
5.10/10. I don't think its that hard to use even for someone new to it
6. I prefer having a darker theme but not too bothered either way.
7. Unsure
8. Don't really have a problem with the community
9. Of course
10. Yes definitely. There would need to be some moderation as Jake said earlier but I would like to see more of these mods.
11. If you can mod it, do mod it.
12. Although I was a member before the new forum I cant remember much about it.
13. I remember the layout being better.
14. Unsure
15. A little bit yes.
16. yes. Sometimes content and updates are late, but I understand how hard it is.
1. Check up on what's going on, see if there's any new mods or news.
2. Less beneficial because it would mean having to go to two different places, why when you could have it all in one place.
3. 7 - Good but could do with a bit improvement, maybe take notes of other modding websites.
4. Some ranking system for mods would be nice, make modders want to make better mods and actually complete them. And some sort of mod showcase
5. A bit intimated at first, not sure on what to do, what to download. But would also learn this quickly..
6. Yes I'm up for it, would it be possible for it to be optional so where the user gets to chose.
7. Yes if someone forgot to add important information to there previous post there not going to wait for someone else posts just to post it.
8. More tutorials, these is something the community could help with, so maybe some sort of reward system for people making tutorials.
9. Yeah probably.
10. Yeah I think it would be nice to be able to listen do different music while playing.
11. Yeah but I don't know what games tho, can't think of any atm.
14. Banner, custom background, some sort of personal mod showcase to show off mods you have made and worked on.
15. Yeah, one of the only communitys I feel apart of.
16. You've done alright :D
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