Community Rework - Part 1 - 11 April 2016

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1. Help other people, share my own mod, look and see if there's anything new happening
2. Yes; would be much better for archiving news and making sure nothing gets buried.
3. 4
4. it's really poor in its current state to be completely honest. It needs a much better way to make posts, a much better organization system for threads, and probably some other things
5. 3
6. Why not have that thing where you have a dropdown list of different themes at the bottom of the page (No idea how easy those are to make lol)
7. As long as it's not spammy, yeah, that's a good idea.
8. Lack of accessibility to find tutorials for making your own mods and a lack of extensive tutorials in general for some topics.
9. Yes, for sharing my own mod and easily accessing others.
10. They should be allowed as long as they don't infringe copyright, but only be made as seperate mods from the main mod because of how buggy they can be and how much space they take up.
11. It doesn't really matter what games; any games supported would just bring more attraction to DT
12. I can't say I remember it too well, although the look of the posts is much better on this newer site (I don't even remember if it had an editor or anything)
14. Better ranking system, and also much more usable profiles, being notified of comments, a pm system..
15. Yes
16. Mostly.. Back in 2014 when DM3 was promised to have 3 episodes, I mean, that obviously didn't go as promised. But, from being a part of the team now as a tester (and having access to staff discussion and things like the custom maps, etc), I can safely say that they are really working to make The Conspiracy Update really nice, and you've seen with the most recent trailer that there are lots of other things being worked on at the same time.
1. I usually read every new post under Recent, because it's interesting seeing the development that goes into the mods. I also browse the forums looking for new mods to play.
2. Yes, as long as there is still a good place to discuss the blog posts.
3. 6/10
- Better recent posts.
When I check a forum, I like to see new posts that have been made, that I haven't read yet. On some forums, when there is a new post that you haven't seen yet, an icon appears next to the thread title linking to that exact post.
Right now, it can be hard to tell which posts you haven't seen yet, and clicking the link (From the Recent page) goes to the first page, meaning that you have to navigate to the latest page yourself.
- Go to latest post button
Similar to the recent posts thing I was talking about, except in the Boards listing.
- Private Messages.
I don't really need this feature myself, but it's essential to forum software.
- Search and view all of a user's threads
The absence of these 2 features make it very hard to find an old thread you made, because you have to dig through 10+ categories to find it.
- Post preview
This would be useful to check image sizes, BBCode, etc.
5. 9/10, I'm pretty picky.
6. I support this, but I'm not sure if it would be very welcoming to new users.
7. Yes, there are definitely circumstances where double-posting is appropriate, there should probably be a warning, though.
8. As a person who doesn't make mods, so I don't have a lot in mind. However, I think that mods should be stricter about users opening lots of one-line question threads, and useless posts in general.
9. Yes.
10. I completely support that, I love SCCMusic.
11. I don't have any games in mind. Misc. modding section?
12. I wasn't a member before the new forums.
13. I wasn't a member before the new forums.
14. There's post layouts, but I understand if that's too much power to give to a user.
15. Not much to say about this, since when it comes to mod development, I'm mostly a lurker. When I do post, though, the community has been very friendly.
16. Definitely!
1: I mainly read recent posts.
2: Depends, if they're going to make good rules about blogging.
3: 20% cooler than before!
4: Notifications! - so you can know who has replied to you recently.
5: He'd probably say: this place is cool.
6: Depends, if you mean adding more profanity, then I'd surely accept it!
7: Maybe not.
8: Nothing for now.
9: Absolutely!
10: I support it!
11: Maybe Portal 2 or Need For Speed Underground. Those are cool games.
12: It'll probably be better!
13: I dunno.
14: Adjustable avatars (positions).
15: Aprecciated.
16: Maybe yes.
Sorry if I'm late to reply to this, but here goes:

1. I use the forums to post whatever I have created (SH&R related or not) and to check out whatever other people have made as well. It's a nice community to be in and nearly everyday somebody has something to show off.

2. When people go to this site, they'll most likely check the forums first, so I'd say to keep them on here. Why do you want to separate it, anyway? Just curious.

3. 7/10 at best.

4. A search bar to find older posts, so you can use them for any info you need when making a mod just as an example.

5. 8/10

6. I support this decision. I don't know whether it's because the DT logo looks better with a black theme to it, or because I'm a craver for nostalgia and I want something
similar to the old site, idk. BUT I WANT IT ANYWAY!

7. I think that personally, this depends. Like other users have said, one of the reasons this rule has been put in place is due to spam attacks. Plus, it is quite irritating when there's just a button to edit your post.

8. If I could think of one, it's certain users who constantly create several topics for what they want help on, or something else that's unrelated. They might as well just put it all in one thread (looking at you, [redacted]).

10. I most certainly would. To be honest, when I'm playing these mods I do get somewhat bored of the vanilla OST. Having music mods makes it feel more different and gives you insight to new artists and other tunes. But I do understand why DT is strict about this kind of stuff, seeing as what's happened with things previously ([redacted], for example made a music mod over a good 10 GB I think. Didn't go go down too well).

11. OH YEAH, TOTALLY! I'D LIKE... um... errrr... oh god, I might need a moment to sit this one out actually. So many possibilities...

12. I'm sorry DT, but as a member that's been around since 2014, this site is inferior. But I look forward to seeing the new version!

13. Like I said before, I liked the fact that there was a little search bar you could use to search for previous threads, whether they have info that could be put to use or for sentimental purposes. Secondly, in the text box for making a post there were these little icons you could use to post an image directly onto the forum, or a youtube video, etc. Nowadays, if you want to do that, you have to type it in HTML style ([ img]urlgoeshere[/img ] for example) and having to remember some of them off by memory is tedious. Why you decided to get rid of those bars down the bottom, I have no idea. But having them back would make things more simple, efficient and awesome.

(on a side note, square avatars would be nice :D)

15. Yes, but unfortunately I don't feel as involved as I was once due to my GCSE's nearing their end. When this all blows over however, I perhaps plan to make a full scale mod that will make SH&R feel really different from how the vanilla game is (I'm not talking about technicality here but it's in the 'feel' really).

16. Yes, DT have provided very fulfilling and exciting news updates. A big smile reaches across my face when I see a new sticky posted on the forums for news of the new DM or whatever they have planned. Thank you guys for this wonderful community, and I look forward to future endeavors! :D
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