The Return of the Cars V 2.5, that's it

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This one?
Well, it's just an object, I tried to reach to the car, but my car just knocks down this prop...
[removed]3 years
[removed]3 years
I'll give Credit, to those, who help me with the new cars.

The invisible driver may be able to be fixed by going into the car's script and changing the 'Visible Driver' setting. As for the scrapbook, I believe you have to reassign the scrapbook pictures to your new cars.
Scrapbook's limit is 6(?), you can't changе it(?), so, it's useless(?).
I just tested (SetPlayerVisible), and this is the result:
So, this is useless.

If you're adding other cars and not replacing them it's useless yeah.
Also the cell phone car thing is pretty funny, but it's too bed that it didn't work correctly.
You want this Gordon:

Also at this time there is no way to have more cars or skins visible in the scrapbook, this will crash the game and that's why as you might have noticed the mod launcher disables the menu when you have more. It should work with the same amount as the original game or less though as long as you have cars2D and skins2D images.
@Loren Goodwin
Yesterday I tried SetCharactersVisible(1); but Homer, and others are too big to get into the car(So it useless)
Looks good im excited for the next update
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