My Save Stopped Working after Updating Donut Mod

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Donut Mod was working fine, I was up to Level 3 (Hadn't started it on this save yet, though), when I realized that I hadn't updated it in a while, and I probably still had the old ending to Level 3. When I updated to version 3.2.2, the newest version, the game started always freezing after the screen.
Although I had quite a few other mods enabled when this happened for the first time, since then I've disabled them and tried running the game with only Donut Mod enabled.
After trying quite a few other fixes, I moved my save to my desktop, and then the mod booted up fine.
I have level 1 100%ed and I'm halfway into 100%ing level 2, so I'd appreciate it if somebody could take a look at my save. Or, someone could upload an older version of Donut Mod.
Download to my save
(Sorry, I have no idea what DM version I was on before. I'm pretty sure it was before the Rebalance Update, though.)
Saved Games are incompatible between 3.1 and 3.2 due to changes that were made in the Rebalance Update because of limitations we discovered with saved games that would've caused problems down the road.

We still know very little about the games save format. But Lucas did find out that there is a limit on the amount of damage values for cars the game can store in one saved game. Our original plans prior to the Rebalance Update would've resulted in us exceeding those limits and as a result the amount of obtainable vehicles per level had to be cut down some from the Seaside Update. This was to allow us to still have a reasonable number of cars in levels 4 to 7.

And as a result as I said, saved games are not compatible between these versions. I don't really know if there's anything we can do in the future to prevent nessecary changes like this from causing this same problem.

I don't believe the Conspiracy Update will change the rewards in any way that will break saved games which is something to look forward to.

I can look into using a save editor to make you a saved game similar to the one you had before later if you want to give me more details about it.

I understand you said you don't know what version you had before but if it was 3.2 or newer I have no idea why your saved game would no longer work.

Also if you want to upload it I can look into trying to get it to work.
There's already a link to the save in the first post.
Ah right. I totally didn't see it. My bad. I'll look when I'm home from work.
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