[The Simpsons Hit and Run: Yellow Shift] Alpha 2.2

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A new mod is on the way? Dude, like, summer's almost over. For Yellow Shift, I feel bad that it's discontinued, I always wanted to see Professor Frink doing his own missions in Level 3 of Yellow Shift while Lisa does hers from the original SHAR where she has to find Bart, it's too bad Max Walker decided not to work on Yellow Shift anymore, it's sad. Are you guys still working on a new mod by any chance? Like, good luck to you dudes! I can't wait to test out your new mod that you guy are working on this year :)

Yours truly, SnakeJailbird98 ;D
The link to the download isn't there anymore, it says that the Dropbox file isn't here anymore, so does someone have a link to a place i can download the Yellow Shift mod because i really want to play it.
the dropbox link was deleted
I'm gonna go ahead and lock this thread since there hasn't been development on this mod in over a year and people keep replying asking for the link without reading above and seeing that it's been gone for a while. I don't blame anyone for not wanting to read the whole thread so I'm going to update the original post instead.
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