Introducing: The Duff Rocket (UPDATED)

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Okay, so I've been working on this car as a side project. This mod is decompilable, so feel free to use this (with credit) however you want.

Here are some screenshots:

DOWNLOAD LINK:!6BdhCYLQ!nwXs6_q_o5YscFzrtHehXUmK3Q12MytofIrMW24nVy0

There are some improvements I might make in updates, so give me feedback if you have any.

-Added phonebooth stats
-Moved rocket flame
-Removed skid marks

Things to add that will probably never get added but whatever:
-Improved phonebooth image (too lazy to fix the shadow)

- Can I move the rocket flame on the car? It looks okay right now, but it would probably look better if it was closer to the car.
- Can I disable the skid marks the car leaves when you turn? It doesn't really make sense to have them for a car that's floating.
Yeah you can move the flame by moving the Skeleton Joint "flame".

You can disable the Skid Marks by adding this to CustomCarSupport.ini:


Was wrong about how you move it, seems like an animation controls it. Edit this:


This is pretty funny. I'm trying out the mod now.

EDIT: The car model is really good, and it's very easy to drive. I do have some suggestions though:

1, You should add display stats for the vehicle in rewards.mfk
2. I'm not sure the Hover Bike e-brake sound is the right choice for this car. It sounds too techy to me. Perhaps you could just make it a blank .rsd?

All in all though I love the car!
@Loren Goodwin
Ah, thank you. An update has been released adding the those tweaks.

Thanks for the feedback. I realized I forgot to add phonebooth stats, so I fixed that in the update. And I totally agree about the e-brake sound. I put that sound there for the time being because it fits more than anything else, but I like your suggestion about the blank .rsd. I'll try that out in the next update.
Thank you so much, I will download it later
High Quality model, sounds, Icon...Good Mod
I was decompile this and put in my actual games for testing (I will take it out) so I put the car in the art/Cars bit, and made Gil sell it but in my one of my previous save I brought everything from Gil so I went in the phone booth and when I click on it, it crashes saying Duff.p3d not found even though I put it in the art/Cars thing.
Please help
I can take a look if you share a dropbox link for your mod.
I'm trying to decompile the Duff rocket in my game
Do you have the duff rocket listed as an entry in CustomCarSupport.ini?
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