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Recently, one of our users asked an important question about why you must be thirteen years or older when using our website. We tried to explain to the best of our abilities, but we're now going to take the time in this topic to explain why this is a requirement.

Donut Team is COPPA compliant. COPPA, or the Children Online Privacy Protection Act, is a law passed by the United States Government that requires when a child signs up, we also get a parent's email and hide specific information. To comply with this, we have disallowed registrations for users under the age of 13. If anyone is found under the age of thirteen, we will swiftly remove their account and block access to the Donut Team site for them. Sure you can lie; but if we find out you are we are required to remove your account and most things associated with it by law.

Our user, Supercoolpem, mentioned how Club Penguin, a website targeted for children allows registration of any age. It's important to note that a parent must provide an email address to sign up to that service. This is how they are allowed to continue to allow accounts under a certain age. Because our site does not offer an easy way to wipe your data, a swear filter (do not go swearing though), and some other requirements for a parental email to be enough; we do not take this route. We take the route used by many networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, and a lot of online forums, where we will not permit access to our site if you are under the age of thirteen (13).

Any questions you have can be asked below. Please keep them to pertaining to this subject, and please do not "witch" hunt on this topic. If you have a suspicion or a problem regarding a user, take it up with me privately at
@Jake AndreĂžli
Oh, I understand, thanks for answering my question. But on YouTube there's loads of kid youtuber like:
Mattyb (he might be 13 now but he started in 2010)
How is the COPPA law being used in other parts of the world? Or more exactly, what differences are there in the world about this law? Does it affect us in the same way as the people in the USA.
I'm not saying that this is hugely enforced, especially if you think of how big Google and YouTube is. Though Google's terms of service states you must be 13 for the account. I had my YouTube when I was younger than 13; I am not saying people don't do it, i'm saying there's either reasons or that they've faked their age.

Wikipedia article has this subject. It seems to affect everyone because we reside in the United States.

Everyone has to remember, that we are just going by the laws. This law is mainly a we hear something, we have to take action. Active community members are important to us, and we'd like to keep everyone involved in the conversation. If we believe that this is a danger to our community, we will review our plan of action and change up our strategy to tackling this law. It's also important to note this restriction has been in place since we started Donut Team's public forum. We just are now talking about it more.
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