Website Changelog: 14 May 2016

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We've made slight changes to the website that we felt we should alert you about.

1. The games page has been updated. CA$H GRAB has been removed and the community events have been sorted to their own sections.
2. We have removed the ability to tag a user using the @ tag in a post. This will not be supported in the new site as it was not implemented properly and was used by the community improperly. We may have an alternative method in the future if requested.

EDIT 16 May 2016
3. Removed the CA$H GRAB Donut Team page. Our game will have a product page on the brand new website when we feel it is ready.

Jake AndreĂžli

P.S: My username is now set to "Jake". We will discuss the ability to change your username in the future.
How come CA$H GRAB was removed?
It should say May, not April :P
We have renamed the project and are restarting essentially. The game will come eventually, but we have no news to announce at this time.

Thanks for pointing that out. Was tired when I wrote that!
I was probably a large part of the problem regarding the incorrect usage of @<user>. I got into a habit of using it on every post. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Whoops, I accidentally used it on this post too. Removed!
I wasn't blaming users for misuse, I am saying the system was implemented badly that made it hard for users to use. No one's fault but mine as the lead developer for the website. Sorry if it sounded like I was blaming the users, I was simply stating it was not implemented properly.

Our new website is a billion times better than this trash and it's no where near completed. That's how you know I hate this thing. But oh well, as developers, we all make mistakes. :)
Ok, but I don't think you're entirely to blame either. This website really isn't bad for the purpose it's used for now, but I can't wait to see what's to come.
A lot of people think the site is fairly decent, which I'd agree it's usable and better than a lot of other websites. Though I truly dislike the work that I put into this website, and that the new one I am working on is way better. Can't wait to let you all use it.
Hey Jake, you should know that any previous followers of the Cash Grab twitter page would know what the name is. I figured you'd be removing it soon since the video was made hidden. Giving a hint to y'all: Horizon.
We're aware that the game's Twitter page has the new name. This is not a finalised name, nor are we ready to talk about it. We also link to this Twitter in the bio of our official Twitter:
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