Donut Team Developer Platform news being released on 20 May 2016. Ask questions here.

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On 20 May 2016, I will be posting a thread regarding information for the new website. I'd like to gather any questions you have right now and answer them the same day. Please ask any and all questions regarding the Donut Team Developer Platform.

Jake AndreĂžli
Co-Founder of Donut Team
1. I think I might know the answer to this but I'm going to ask it anyway for the people who don't know but will you put other people's mod in the new website?

2. After the websites out will you have more time to work on level 4 or not?
I'll answer your questions now to avoid confusion going forward, however I will be answering the majority of questions in the thread explaining how the system will work. That thread, as previously stated, will be released on 20 May 2016.

1. We will not be adding them ourselves, however any developer will be able to apply and submit their content to our mod website. They will have full control over their product page and distribution, so long as we accept it.
2. I am the only person working on the Donut Team website; I also do not work on the mod. @DuckDotExe, @Cornholio309, and @Gibstack are the crew working on the mod. Once my work is finished with the website, I will be working full-time on our new project as well as improving the stability of the website.
Ooh, sounds fancy!

I have 2 questions...

1. How will the developer application process work?

2. Will this platform show mods based on popularity, or recent date, or neither?
Have a questtion

1. Can "low-level" developers publish mods? (SC&MCS or Some Challenge mod for example)
@RBD he already said yes.
Yeah? Well, sorry then, I thought that I perfect at English...
I almost forgot to ask. I know you had some consideration with my "poll" idea as far as I remember, so if it were implemented, will people be allowed to change their vote after they've previously voted? Because strawpoll lacks that feature, and it seems to be broken when used on a phone.
At the moment, I am not discussing the forum as a whole. I am mainly talking about the Developer Platform. Polls are something I'd like to implement, however they are a complicated thing that is on the end of my to-do list, they simply do not fit in to our development schedule at the moment. I hope you understand. When it comes time to actually add them, we will have an open discussion with the community of how they wish to implement them.
Have another question:
Will new website use "Private Message" function?
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