Moderator Update and Website Translations

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Moderator Update
We'd like to take a second to congratulate and introduce max_power998 as a forum moderator. He has helped the website's community in many ways from assisting the creation of mods. He is also developing his own mod, which if you haven't heard about, you should check out: The Simpsons Hit and Run: Yellow Shift

Website Translations
We're currently developing a brand new website and it will support localisation and the ability to switch between languages. If you would like to translate Donut Team's website to your language please email Please only offer your ability to translate if you understand both English and your target language. The image above is simply a test using a web translator, it is not an official translation.

Jake AndreĂžli
Thanks Jake!

Yeah, if you don't know me, I'm max_power998. Been a part of this community for about 2-3ish months now, and I post often. I'm happy to address any questions or concerns you guys have!
Congrats max_power998 I knew you had it in you! =)


Thanks mate, appreciate it a lot :)
Translations? I hope I can help with Russian, if I'm not late.
If you know Russian, send me an email!
Russian is native for me, and I has Email, but don't know how to contact with others...I'm too old...
Can you post a screenshot of your email page here? I can try and help you through it.
You want to click the red box that says 'Compose' then put the email address that Jake included in his post into the 'To' line in the window that pops up, write a subject in the 'Subject' line, then write your message in the empty box below. When you're all done, click 'Send'.
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