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Nightbane's Cars

Posted in Mod Showcase
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This is my first mod showcase, and these are all my cars.

These are all my mod car showcases. My personal favorite is the Batmobile.

Wario's Bike
UFO Car (Updated)
Yoshi Bike
Mario Kart
Bullet Bill

As simple as that.

They're all decompilable, too!
These might help you with adding in custom cars:
Making a car for sake from Gil
Modding vehicle stats, etc...
adding phone booth image for custom car
Audi R8 Conversion
Hey you finally updated it
Uhhh, the Mario Kart is not yours. It's DerpyDosh's. And also the UFO is from Donut Mod, don't how how the hell you got that one. Unless you somehow modded your onw..
He downloaded the Mario Kart and put it in himself, someone told him someone did it already but he did it anyways. That UFO was in the game I believe
To clarify, he modded the Mario Kart into the game on his own; I'm not sure if he was aware of DerpyDosh's mod. And you may be thinking of the mini UFO that Loren made for Donut Mod, though I may be wrong. Nightbane's mod uses the large model from the game. I guess you could call it the mini UFO's cousin.

Hope I cleared up some confusion.

EDIT: Looks like this post is redundant now that someone replied already. Oh well.
My suggestion is make your wheels spin, instead of just importing the model as a whole seperate the wheel meshes and import them over the vanilla wheels, so that they spin.
Uhhh, the Mario Kart is mine, I got it from a model resource website. And also the UFO was recreated before I saw the Donut Mod version. Of course I modded my own, of course I did.
Then the kart isnt yours lol, you liar
@Silent yes as yoursdiddlytruly has just said, these models are completely different to the ones made by Derpydosh and donut team. both donut team and derpydosh know about these mods anyway and neither of them care about it.
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