[Request] Use the mouse to smoothly move the camera and clicks to make actions

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The ability to move the camera with mouse smoothly like a shooter or any modern game.

When I use the mouse to move the camera is hard because first its like stuck and then it moves rapidly.
Also would be nice to use the left click to attack and right click to enter to cars.

Thanks for reading, PDI.
You can try turning off mouse look and you can set left click/right click in the controls menu already.
I tried setting up the left and right click in the controls menu but it doesn't work.

I'll try turning off mouse look
left click and right click are actually assigned, left click is kicking and right click is action by default, the problem is that some copies of the game may disable mouse buttons for the game in general
Have you been able to bind the mouse buttons to the actions? I can't do it, even if i turn the mouse look off
Same thing here, I can't use my mouse buttons. Tried to reset and configure the .INI file but it appears they put all buttons with some sort of HEX code that isn't like any code I found on Google.
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