Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.14 Released

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We published a new version of Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher on the tools page of our SHAR Mods website during the Summer Road Trip Event. This update adds a number of new hacks and other improvements.

Download it from the SHAR Mods tools page.

Launcher/Hack Support
- Made ExcludedFileName, IncludedFileName, ExcludedFolderName and IncludedFolderName work on files and folders in the root of decompilable mods.
- Made the mod compile error message only include "The following errors occurred:" if more than one error occurred.
- Made error messsages more descriptive.

Unlock All Missions Hack
- Added. Unlocks all missions and levels.

Unlock All Outfits Hack
- Added. Unlocks all character outfits. This hack has to be required by a mod.

Unlock All Vehicles Hack
- Added. Unlocks all vehicles. They will still be available in the car shop despite appearing unlocked in the phonebooth. This hack has to be required by a mod.

Unlock Bonus Game Hack
- Added. Unlocks the bonus game maps. This hack has to be required by a mod.

Custom Bonus Mission Support Hack
- Added. Allows you to specify custom street race characters.

Custom Limits Hack
- Added.

Unlock All Rewards Mod
- Added. This mod enables Unlock All Outfits, Unlock All Vehicles and Unlock Bonus Game.

Loren Goodwin
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