If you made Simpsons Hit and Run?

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What would you do if you were working with radical entertainment and working Simpsons Hit and run and took suggestions from you

What would you add?
What would you remove?
What would you change?

Honestly if it was me and if it was possible I would add servers to play/do missions with or against your friends.
Honestly, I wouldn't change too much to the original game. If it were made now, I too would add servers to play missions with friends. If I had to change some things though, I would add more variety to the missions by making them include more objectives and tasks. I would definitely change the game's final three missions by giving them more of a sense of "Man, that was a fun last 3 missions" instead of "Holy nipples! Those last 3 missions were f***ing stupid!" by adding different objectives, changing the location of the waste in each mission, and making them seem worth playing. I would also add more variety and fun to the Bonus Game by adding difficulty settings to the AI, having the tracks use more obstacles with increasing difficulty, instead of it being a clunky mess of doing the same thing over and over again with just a new level based track. Another thing I would've loved to have is the ability to play as any character in all three areas of Springfield. It would be cool to play as Homer in the Downtown area and have him stop at Moe's for a drink mid-mission or something funny like that, or even have Bart end a level in the Suburban area by entering his room and going to sleep, or have a mission as Apu in the Suburban area where he has to chase down criminals who just robbed the Kwik-E-Mart, and overall just have so many different opportunities with the characters. The game as it is now is still a gem in my eyes, but if I had to fill in my input, this is what I would change with the game.
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