[Mod] Road Rage Styled Limo

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This mod is a reskin for Mr Burns' Limo. It also comes with phonebooth and mission icons, and has Mr. Burns himself sitting in the back.

This mod is decompilable, so you can use it in your own mods. No credit required.

Dead links removed by an administrator - 12 January 2019
Ah, I love a good white and gold colour scheme.

I wonder if it'd be possible to remodel the L2 limo to be like the RR one. I might give it a shot when I can get the files.
the link doesn't work for me!
This was posted two years ago and the links are dead.
ah ok so that means no road rage limo for me.
is there a way someone can reupload the Links or something?
You've already been told that the links are dead and that the creator can only upload them again if they want to, most people don't as they failed or had issues, to be honest Jake should have locked this thread already and also you double posted which is against the rules of Donut Team.
oh im sorry im new but anyways thanks for responsing me :)
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