[Poll Closed] Making all mods decompilable.

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This is just a discussion, not an actual planned change.

Hey everyone,

Recently I asked our community on our Discord server about making all mods decompilable in the future. This of course has raised concerns of many of our users, and before

So here's my reasoning for this change:
- You will not have profit loss due to your mod being open source; mods are not allowed to be sold.
- Your content would be safe guarded by Donut Team. Any content that is verified stolen will be removed and people caught stealing content will be punished.
- The LMLM format was only implemented as a convenient way of sharing mods. As a byproduct of this, mods were compiled and unable to be open. We later added on the ability to make a decompilable file as a feature which allows mod users to use content or view how something was made.
- This would allow more developers to view mods and understand how things are done by viewing other more completed mods.

Please reply with your feedback as to why or why not this change should be implemented. If this change would not affect you in any negative way to your knowledge, please let us know.

Remember: This is just a discussion, not an actual planned change.

Thanks for your feedback,
Jake AndreĂžli
My mods will ALWAYS be decompilable, makes it easier for new peeps to learn and innovate.
Agree with Thomas except for GTA HR, which for now isnt decompilable until the Donut Mod album thing is released because MACCA has music in it. I do personally feel that mods should be decompilable, because like Night said, it allows the modding community to grow by teaching others how to do something that they mey not know how to do if they can find it being done in a mod. This would allow better quality mods to be put out at faster rates because all the knowledge needed would be right there, for anyone to see for themselves. Blatant stolen work can be deleted easily, so that isnt a problem. If a mod author really does want to keep their work to themselves I believe they should be able to though, maybe with permission from any Donut Team staff with valid reasoning behind why they dont want their work open source
Normally I'm all for open-source, but I think that people should have the right not to share their assets publicly.
In my opinion every mod should be decompilable because it would help a lot, not only would we be able to port cars and models that we really like from a mod into our own game, (I've been wanting the Patty Wagon from Donut Mod for a while now) but we'd also be able to see how the car was ported in as well. I, for one, can understand certain mods if I look into it and see how the files are made, what parts were renamed, what parts were kept from the original file, and especially how you actually mod certain parts of the game that no one else knows how to do. For instance the custom NPCs, it's like the mods inside are their own tutorial, as you can see clearly how to make a custom NPC with looking through the file. You can see all the ini, p3d, rsd, and spt files that correspond to the NPC, and import or kind of take their idea and put it into your own mod with the same idea. Since Donut Mod is definitely the biggest mod here, with the most ambitious changes, we as a team could learn from the contents of this mod and thus have more mods that go past the simple demeanor of SHAR modding, such as moving an NPC somewhere. There is a little amount of mods that go as far as Donut Mod, and making Donut Mod decompilable and other future "big" mods would increase the amount of these mods exponentially.
Since all my mods and future mods are already decompilable, I'd be okay with this change. And considering all mods were once a folder with its source inside, I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to see the source of LMLM files.
[removed]3 years
It's as simple as not including that content Max. Only include released content.
Donut mod should be decompilable so we can use those cars in our mods
Put it this way, Jake
Do you want Donut Mod decompile?
Just saying
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