[Poll Closed] Making all mods decompilable.

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I may be a little late here, but I agree with some others here that mod creators should be able to have basic protection over their work. I know that mods that can't be decompiled aren't a sure-fire method of protection, but it's worth keeping because it doesn't invite people to take files that the author may not want to be taken. Though I'm not concerned with this on a personal level, I just can't see a good enough reason to make a change like this; that's really my main point. If someone wants certain files or wants help with mod making, there are people they can reach out to and tutorials they can look for. Or as other people said, look at the game's original files. In my opinion, this change would be unnecessary. I respect everyone's opinions however.
I don't really want people using assets from my mod without permission, now if they could ask and give credit then yeah I would be cool with it
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