Minecraft Ultimate Character Pack v1.2

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In a massive "continuation" of Loren Goodwin's original Minecraft Pack, I have decided to make a Minecraft-style costume for everybody in town, and around!

There is one alternate costume for Homer, which is the Spider-Man that appears in two of the pictures, but the Homer skin from Loren's original mod has been shifted over to Homer's main slot, and the Minecart is also the default vehicle.

Gag characters are very different than peds, so they are left unedited.

Skins were downloaded off of two distinct websites, skin quality may differ.


For v1.3 and later, I plan to make all the peds have yellow skin, if they are not already a character cameo. (Which there are a LOT of.)

I also plan to make HUD icons of the characters as their Minecraft form, not their 2D Simpsons form.
Nice work, Nightbane!
I used part of it in my mod
amazing mod!! man!
should I edit a minecraft skins?
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