Template INIs for Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.13.1

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These are some templates for a mod's Meta information and Hack configuration INI files.

This bundle contains a detailed template for every hack included with Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.13.1:

Here are individual links as well:
Can you reupload these? These lead to a 404.
404- Please re upload
+1, please re-upload these if you still have them
Hello, users!

Apologies for the late delay, but using my magic moderator powers I'm going to go ahead and edit Loren's original post to re-upload these onto my personal MEGA account. CustomSetAnimationSupport.ini I'm removing since we lack an .ini file for that.


Kenny Giles

EDIT: Main post has had links removed again because the templates I uploaded are outdated. They'll be back up later.
Thank you Kenny!
I removed the links since these templates are out of date and contain lots of misinformation (Kenny wasn't aware of this, that's on me for not keeping up with my templates). See the main post for more information.
Bumping this now since the templates are now up to date for the latest version of the Launcher.
Too bad I can't do anything with them on my Kindle

Also, getting 404s with these downloads. Might just be because I'm trying to download them on my Kindle for some reason, but yeah
Can confirm, they are all 404s.
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