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Hello community! I've been working hard on a mod known as Snake's Day Off, and I have a demo version of it to share with you today!.

The Plot

Set after the events of The Simpsons Hit and Run, Snake manages to crawl from the wreckage of the UFO, only to be arrested by Chief Wiggum for UFO vandalism. However, due to a prison guard strike, he is given immediate parole. However, one person doesn't like seeing Snake walk free, and he happens to be the head of the FBI.

Meanwhile, the Planet Express crew has traveled back in time to make big bucks off of selling future technology to people of the present. However, the people of Springfield are wary of anything from space at this point, so the crew decides to hold a promotional space cruise (sponsored by the Duff Corporation) in order to ease their tensions.

Main Features of the Demo

-The first three missions of the mod.
-One alternative skin for Snake.

Download Link

Download the mod here.

If you have any feedback, please post it in this thread. I hope you guys enjoy it!


-Version 1.1
--Changed the player car starting point for M0 to fix consistent wobbly car glitch. The player must now call the car to them from the nearby phone booth.
-Version 1.1.1
--Changed the Cola Float texture so it looks more like a cola can.
--Changed the Planet Express crate texture to look more like a crate.
--Fixed the internal name of the mod.
-Version 1.1.2
--Added a 'getin' stage after talking to Moleman in M2.
--Put the mod in a .rar file for faster download.

-Version 1.2
--Added an upgraded Police Car that can be purchased from Lou the Cop by the Springfield Dam.
--Added mission briefing images.
-Version 1.2.1
--Put the mod in a .zip file instead of a .rar file so you no longer need WinRAR to unpack it.
-Version 1.2.2
--Removed wasp cameras and made the Police car cost 0 stacks of cash.
[removed]3 years

This mod certainly takes the cake for being my favorite mod on the site (so far). It just needs the love and care it receives to continue. Don't rush it Max! This mod feels both faithful to the Simpsons license, and being an original creation. These two traits need to balance for a mod to be my favorite.

Mission Design

The missions I've played through are consistent in difficulty, offer reasonable challenge, and are just plain fun! It's been a long time since someone has made SHAR both engaging, and new for me. The missions are pretty long in length, but I never lost interest, there's so much to do in each it feels perfect.

Music Design

The use of Bart's themes from level 2 struck a cord with me, but the usage is not what you'd expect. Bart's level 2 theme when not in a mission is NOT the driving theme (Thank god!). Instead the theme from Bart 'N Frink is used, and it's usage not for a mission, but for the in-between theme surprisingly works here.


During my playthrough, in mission 2, I have to go to the Squidport, the objective is to go there while you're out of the vehicle, I would personally add a "getin" stage with a timer rather than just giving a good amount of time to do both get in the car, AND drive to the Squidport. It's something I would do.

Overall Rating

This mod does what it needs to stand out from the crowd exponentially, and allows for a fun and unique twist of SHAR (being a quite clever one at that). The only way to do this mod justice is to play it yourself! Please, play it, you won't be disappointed.


A 9/10 with a lifetime sentence... OF COMMUNITY SERVICE,

Thomas Donofri
Thank you so much for the kind words Thomas. I'm really glad you saw something great in it and took the time to post an in-depth review. Don't worry, I will be taking my time with the full release, which will not be for a while. That's why I decided to make this demo, so people could see that I've actually been working on something this whole time.

This is a workprint review so it may be long or whatever and not fluidly written. First of all, as soon as you start the screen up, the main screen is changed which is the first I've ever seen in a mod, you see Snake on the Simpsons couch, an odd setting for him, but we can just presume that he broke in and is having a nap.

Snakes animations are based on Bart's, and they look really good and suit the character.

Mission 1:

Custom icon which looks really nice, looks like it's from the show and not from game however.
Mission design overall is superb. I love the inclusion of Bart. The Bandit to use for this mission is really nice to drive and gives the mission an overall "quickness". It's fast paced, it's fun, It's really good. A distance meter could be added to the duff truck to make the mission a little bit harder

Mission 2:

Second mission is a Bart one also, he is quite hard to find but he's under the pier by the beached ship. Time limit is good. Car is like butter to destroy but traffic gets in the way and would be better if it was toned down a bit. Bart's car is randomly at Aztec (but that's for a good reason). A bit of a long mission, but still very good.

Mission 3:

A third talk to Bart mission. A bump and collect mission with a follow objective after. The cola truck is quite fast so it only left me with 20 seconds left after I collected all the objectives. After the truck stops, it would be nice to have an getin objective so you get in the car before you drive to Squidport. The phone call was really well done and put together however. A good mission.

Thanks for the review xUnknown!

Thank you for appreciating the 'Frontend' stuff I did. I did mean for Snake to have broken into The Simpsons' house, so I'm glad you realized that!

What custom icon are you talking about in mission 1? I don't remember putting one in there.

The traffic is currently set to 'two' for the destruction stage. Do you think I should lower it to one?

Now that two people have complained about it I'll put a 'getin' stage at that specified point. Thanks for the suggestion Thomas and xUnknown!

All and all, this was a good review. Thank you so much for the kind words!

I played the demo and really love what you've done so far! All the details in the text, from the main menu to the pause menu, reflect Snake's personality really well. As xUnknown said, Snake being in the menu in the beginning is a great touch. Also, that newspaper is so beautiful that it’s unfit for mortal eyes.

The traffic cars are good choices, especially the Duff Truck since it fits the story well. I also like the Donut Truck because donuts.

The music choices in this mod fit pretty well. The use of mission music as driving music is neat. However, I would tweak the tune that plays as you exit a vehicle; it cuts out towards the end and sounds a bit strange in the game. Anyway, on to the missions.

Mission 1: A good way to start out the mod. The inclusion of Bart is awesome, since him and Snake are a good combination for the plot of the mod. Also, the whole Planet Express story is really creative, and I like how it’s tied to the Duff corporation. The objectives are a good starting point in terms of difficulty, and it picks up nicely with the race at the end.

Mission 2: I like that you have to commit crime just to do Bart’s dry cleaning because it fits the humor of the show well. I feel like it would be even funnier if the player didn’t know the reason they were getting money, at which point they would figure out they were doing the whole mission just to do Bart’s dry cleaning. Anyway, the dialogue scene where Bart changes to Bartman is cool, and I should mention that I like all the objectives. It’s very well thought out, which is especially shown when you destroy Comic Book Guy’s car. He starts at a point that gives you just enough time to read the mission objective and spot him driving by.

Mission 3: This one is long, but it remains pretty interesting throughout. I think the part where the sedan chases you would fit better at the location where the truck stops as opposed to the phone booth, since it would “flow” better in my opinion. Maybe the chase could be triggered after talking to Moleman and getting in your car. I dunno. Maybe my ideas sound better in my head. Anyway, the dialogue at the phonebooth is hilarious.

Overall, this mod looks really well made and polished, and I’m excited to see the end result. Good luck!
Its crashing on me, doesn't get past the mission loading screen.
Its great as always! Money instead of coins, Futurama reference, Mario sound...
But there's a glitch or something, truck is always ramming at exterior nothing I do.
And yeah, why does buzz cola still flows to sea?
Holy crap, wow. I have no words, this mod is awesome! The last mission in the demo is really well done and i thorougly enjoyed it.
Absolutely awesome, looking forward to more from this mod.
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