Snake's Day Off Demo Version 1.2.2

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[deleted user]2 years
Hello everyone.
Max Walker great job - congratulations.

May I ask you for a link (working one) , it's for my ten years old son - he is crazy about this mod.
Thank's in advance.
@Konstantin as well as everybody else reading this:

As you might have figured at this point, the author of this mod (Max Power) has stopped development on the mod and deleted the source files from his computer, hence the removal of the download link. This is also why development on the mod has gone quiet.

However, I still have a copy downloaded, and I have his permission to re-host the mod:

(From a Discord chat we were having.)

With that being said, here's (what I believe is) the latest version of Snake's Day Off. Keep in mind that this mod will remain unfinished for the time being:!GZkgDZSI!nAzsiUHNuvzBg4cRX-7hUdP3I0ppf6d6bqdz_FpoM_0


EDIT: I realized after posting this that the version I have archived is version 1.0 and not version 1.2.2. According to Max, there weren't too many updates, so it's still relatively the same experience as 1.2.2.

If anybody has 1.2.2 however, I highly encourage a reupload of the mod.
[deleted user]2 years
Kenny, You're very kind - I am very grateful! Many thanks!
That other version isnt as good as 1.2.2 for start Snakes Lil Bandit is literly the only vehicle you have and I think you should make more missions
[deleted user]2 years
Hello, does anyone still have the latest version of the mod? I'm grateful that Kenny uploaded the mod (even if it's an older version of it, which is better than nothing) but I'd appreciate if anyone who still has the latest version, to upload there. Thanks.
[redacted] I have it on an old HDD I think, but it will be a bitch to recover and I don't think I will have the time to do it. Max doesn't have it even anymore so its really lost unless someone else has it. I don't think it was even public anyway.
[deleted user]2 years
Oh OK, I understand xUnknown. I wish I downloaded this and Yellow Shift in time when the mods were still available. Now it's a bit too late for them. At least I still have a bunch of mods downloaded recently, so I won't be missing these 2 that much.

I have found version 1.2 in my archive, the meta.ini goes like this:

Title=Snake's Day Off Demo
Description=A demo for Pancake Team's 'Snake's Day Off'.
Category=Single Level Conversion Mods
Name=Pancake Team

The download for this is here: Download
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