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Mod Showcase / HUD Tweaks 1.51

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1 year ago · edited
This little boring mod changes a few things with the HUD. Specifically, it...

1.) Makes the numbers on things such as the coin counter and time limit less wide apart to match the console versions a bit more.

2.) Raises the mission overlays (the elements on the left side of the screen when doing a mission) by about 30 pixels.

3.) Remastered the Question Mark symbol so that it's less pixelated.

4.) Arranges the HUD so that things are placed closer to the side of the game window when playing with a 16:9 aspect ratio. (MUST BE SET IN MOD SETTINGS AS IT WASN'T MADE TO AUTOMATICALLY RECOGNIZE THE ASPECT RATIO THE GAME IS BEING PLAYED ON.)

5.) Adjusts the mission objective text a bit higher so that objectives with 4 lines of text will fit in perfectly.

DOWNLOAD HERE?!: https://mega.nz/#!mN4QxDAZ!Z-13WQG4g_Ub0RS6CakdfMtZD_zHVD80jo65bfAahJc

This mod is decompilable, so you can use it if you want it in your mod. However, I don't know what the hell happened with the tutorial. Apparently it's gone even though I swear I added it in the previous versions. Maybe I'll create a new one when I feel like procrastinating less.


  • Fixed the colon being a bit too far apart from the left number
  • Removed the colon from the PSD file as its width no longer matches the numbers'

  • Fixed the numbers being slightly misaligned with the slash during races and collect-a-thons
  • Raised the mission objective text so that 4 lines of text can fit in perfectly.
  • Improved the question mark again... again
  • The default setting for the HUD Aspect Ratio Arrangement is back to 4:3 (DAMN IT, SOMEBOT, MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!!!)
  • Included a PSD (Photoshop Image) file for all of the numbers and symbols (expect the slash because it's too narrow)

  • Changed back the slash's height to what was originally (I thought it would change how far apart the mission overlays would be)
  • Improved the question mark again
  • The default setting for the HUD Aspect Ratio Arrangement is now 16:9
  • Mod is now easier to decompile

  • Raised "ActionTextLabel" and "ActionTextButton" back to their original positions (it was left like that by accident)
  • Adjusted speedometer digits in 4:3 arrangement to match the edits made in 16:9 arrangement
  • Renamed "colon2.png" from the Individual Images folder to "colon.png"
  • Improved tutorial again (to include the tweaks made to the speedometer, radar, 16:9 arrangement, etc.)
  • Added an icon that makes this piece of crap recognizable

  • Added "HUD Aspect Ratio Arrangement" Setting (Default setting is 4:3)

  • Shrunk widths of the slash and colon sprites a bit more
  • Improved the Question Mark symbol again
  • Improved tutorial (previous methods either made the P3D Editor extremely slow or just not work at all)
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Kenny Giles
1 year ago · Executive Staff Member
Though this is a relatively "simple" edit, I really love the idea behind it! I noticed the weird spacing in the console release over the PC one and was wondering how easy it would be to recreate. This actually seems kind of nice to use.

Will give it a go later.
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1 year ago
Thanks a bundle! This was a tedious process making this since it was all trial-and-error for me (I ended up making the numbers too close to each other).

I'm still waiting for a way to decrease the vertical spacing with the mission overlays... damn you, hardcoded crap!
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1 year ago
Thanks for this. I've always thought that question mark was really out of place.

Here are some more screenshots using widescreen mod

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1 year ago
By "mission overlays," I meant the stuff on my 2nd image. Also, new update ahoy!
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1 year ago
Whatever the reason that got me to update this again was, I don't care. I added something in v1.2!
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1 year ago
Perhaps updating to v1.3 would be pointless, but I saw footage of somebody using a bit of this mod only to see that the colon was misplaced. Hopefully people know what they're doing when using the updated tutorial.
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8 months ago
Don't ask why, but the tutorial for this mod doesn't exist anymore. Not that anyone cares since this mod is long gone. At least I updated this again.
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6 months ago
While I was making minor tweaks to my Metal Arms mod's HUD, I took the liberty to fix this up once more. Still, I don't have a tutorial, so... tough luck, guys.
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