Cars really slippery and glitchy

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Unsubscribe from this topic is all I'm using. When I'm driving, when going up, my car automatically accelerates crazy fast into a wall and it drives me nuts. It also just picks up speed and turns and drives into a wall by itself when I drift sometimes. Any help?
If that's happening with vanilla cars, then you should turn the Frame Limiter hack on.
Yeah, don't turn the frame limiter off if you want the game to work properly.
Well. The Frame limiter doesn't work for me... Still a bit laggy and crazy acceleration at holes or jumps.
What are you limiting to? Check your settings
From personal experience limiting the frames to 101 is good for smooth gameplay and fixing these bugs if that helps.
Unless you have a refresh rate higher than 60, just set it to 60.
Jake AndreĂžli, 60 fps at loading screen and menu. Noticed that it sometimes works better without the Frame Limiter...
I get some weird micro stutter or something with my game below 100 FPS and it doesn't feel smooth so that's the reasoning for mine, and I use a 60hz
The game's physics work best at 60 which is why we advise you to use 60.
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