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Forum Rules and Guidelines (14 August 2016)

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Jake Andreøli Developer
1 year ago · edited
Follow the rules
Following the rules is the simplest way for you to enjoy your time on Donut Team’s forum. If you have any issue, you can simply contact us. jake@donutteam.com loren@donutteam.com support@donutteam.com 

Do not engage in illegal activity
Engaging in any illegal activity will result in an immediate ban. Donut Team is located in the United States. United States laws must be followed at all times. This includes Copyright law and Computer Misuse law (Malware, Virus etc.). Do not share malware, viruses, torrents, pornography, or otherwise engage in any illegal acts.

Terms of Service
The Terms of Service still apply on the forum.

Create a positive experience for the entire community
Be positive; be polite to others and offer words of encouragement.
When modding, encourage other people’s work. Even if another mod has a similar concept, don’t immediately criticise it or consider it a “rip-off” of another mod. Be open to criticism and ideas. You aren’t expected to immediately use any ideas tossed your way, but be polite about rejecting advice.

Report activity that violates our guidelines
If you think that a user is violating rules, please do not attempt to start an argument with the user in question. Instead, please notify us of possible violation, and we’ll take the appropriate course of action from here.

Do not create spam posts or messages
Spam posts are considered, but not limited to: off-topic to the subject at hand, only contain one word, image/video only, include fake or elongated words.

Double posting
Do not double post unless you are extending the information you were giving previously. If you are adding additional information, consider editing your previous post. Multiple posts in a row that do not add to the conversation will be removed.

Bumping old threads
Unless you're extending the conversation or asking a new question on a thread from weeks ago, do not continue posting on it.

Do not flame or provoke
Do not create a post, send a message, or otherwise communicate something to flame or provoke another user or a group of people. This includes, but is not limited to: “X vs X” topics, saying something to insult someone, trying to say something is bad without giving a valid reason why, or otherwise upsetting someone to get a reaction.

Do not cause malicious behaviour 
Do not behave in a manner that can cause distress, harm or inconvenience to other members. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination, bullying, offensive material, breaching others privacy and accessing others accounts without permission. Accounts will be terminated in cases of malicious behaviour.

Do not advertise
We truly do not care about your YouTube channel, website, or your Twitter. Do not share it with us, do not advertise. You can share these things on your profile. Do not share them in your posts without otherwise asking first unless they pertain to the topic.

No Broken or Low Quality Mods
Please try to refrain from releasing any broken or low quality mods that clearly aren't tested very well. This is defined as having game breaking glitches that the author doesn't acknowledge (and can easily be run into by the average player).

Some example problems that are obvious include:
- Missing CON files.
- Broken missions that crash the game upon starting or reaching a certain stage.
- Car Shops not working (due to a missing Car Shop model of a car).
- Skin Shops not working (due to not requiring the necessary hacks) or being present when they shouldn't be (no for sale skins).
- Dialog not working either causing a crash or a staring contest.
- Phonebooth not working (no Cars2D icons for a car).

If you experience any problems such as these ones, please don't release your mod. Instead you can come to our forum or go to our Discord server and use #shar-mod-help to get help fixing the issues. A released mod having problems is always a possibility, but in some cases it's obvious the author didn't test the mod at all.


Would you like to ask a question regarding these rules? You may submit a comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Jake Andreøli Developer
11 months ago
The forum rules have been updated as of 17 April 2016.
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11 months ago
So we're still not allowed to defame cats as stated in the Terms of Service?
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Thomas Donofri
11 months ago
Well I have to read the rules, I think my post created a new rule! Sorry about that, I will not talk about it, thank you for editing my post and not shaming me with the post!


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Jake Andreøli Developer
11 months ago
Correct. Defaming cats is wrong and therefore is against the rules. :P

I have sent you a skype message explaining everything. If you want to talk about it in private, you know how to reach me.
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10 months ago
Personally, I don't think that torrents should be banned. By themselves, torrents are just handy P2P sharing, not always illegal.
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10 months ago
Well yes, but I've only used that for huge files in high demand. Take Pokemon Omicrom/Zeta for example (Free PC Game): Youtubers were lets playing it and the game files were large, so torrenting would be a viable option.

Here, even if a file is in high demand, most uploads shared here aren't big enough for a torrent to be a viable option, so they just aren't needed anyways.
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Jake Andreøli Developer
10 months ago
@NeatSquid We were referring to torrents being used for piracy. You may share your creations through a torrent, however we strongly recommend for availability and convince reasons that you upload to another source such as Dropbox, Mega, or Mediafire
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10 months ago
Hipporeno, I think I remember that, and I can say I have a small part in that rule too.

As Homer Simpson once said "See? Because of me, now they have a warning!" (Said when Kent Brockman said the cure for "Lottery Fever" was to buy two tickets, and a fast speaking disclaimer then said "Warning: Tickets should not be taken internally").
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