About Donut Team

Founded in 2013, Donut Team has always had a soft spot for tinkering with technology. Fast-forward to now, Donut Team is a game development and modding studio that has members all across the globe. We're promoting growth by creating new technology to help video game modders learn more about the process and potentially step into the world of game development.

We are currently serving over 24,000 members in 131 countries.

The Three Main Principles

The Three Main Principles are what we were founded on and what we still stand for to this day.

Give People a Platform Donut Team wants people to express themselves through all ways possible.
Serve Everyone Accessibility and inclusiveness is in our DNA. We're always looking to improve on both fronts.
Protect Users at All Cost We have and continue to develop systems that prevent the evil misuse of data we collect for our services. Donut Team was founded during the privacy revolution and we fully believe that any data should be kept as secure as possible and should be as difficult as possible for bad actors to gain access to.


Press can ask questions or for more details by contacting jake@donutteam.com.