Reverse Engineering Guidelines

Last modified: August 21st, 2021

Effective: August 24th, 2021


While Donut Team distributes and hosts a number of closed source modding tools, pieces of software and APIs, we believe it would be unfair to bar users from reverse engineering them to figure out how they work due to our tools themselves being based on reverse engineering.

This document aims to outline what is and is not allowed within our community with knowledge gained from doing so.

What is allowed?

You are allowed to reverse engineer our software and mods for educational purposes, such as understanding the implications of using the Mod Launcher in a competitive setting (such as speedrunning) or otherwise understanding the behavioural changes to the game as far as the end user is concerned when using the Mod Launcher.

You are allowed to use code samples from decompiled or reverse engineered tools in your own projects, however attribution in your ReadMe and/or in the application itself (in an about or licenses window for example) is required, and we will take action against those who are found to be in violation of this.

If you find a bug or security exploit, it is imperative that you privately report it directly to, so we can address it as soon as possible.

What is NOT allowed?

When reverse engineering our tools, we ask that you do not:

  • Reverse engineer non-decompilable mods in order to take assets from such mods or to potentially assist others in doing so.
  • Reverse engineer Encrypted Mod Support for the purpose of circumventing such encryption in order to take assets from such mods or to potentially assist others in doing so.
  • Interface with non-public endpoints of the Donut Team API.
  • Release modified copies of our tools in a public capacity.


Violation of these guidelines may result in the following:

  • Termination of your Donut Team account.
  • Usage of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (commonly referred to as "DMCA") on project pages and websites that do not contain attribution or otherwise violate these guidelines.