[Donut Mod] Version 3.2.3 crashes

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Hey guys every time I try to open donut mod 3.2.3 though the launcher my game crashes. I'm able to open up the past versions of donut mod fine. But this particular version crashes right after the screen saying "Donut Mod Initialized". I'm able to open the game perfectly fine by itself but I've been wanting to play the new levels. I don't have compatibility options checked in either the game launcher or the mod launcher. I've opened up the crashes folder and am posting a link with the dmp files there.


PC Specs
Windows 10 64bit
Intel core i7-4790k
Samsung SSD 840 EVO
Can you share your save files?
Im pretty sure I deleted them when I was troubleshooting. Are they located in the Simpsons install folder?
No. Main mod save files are located in "Documents/My Games/Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher/Saved Games".
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