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I made an alternative to xUnknown's "Phase". The original can be found:

Phase is a mod that allows any car to drive through objects. It dynamically loads all scripts from your game's folder and modifies them.


File Size: 7.00kb
how do i use as in what do i press to activate no clip?
You should just be able to drive thru any object with a car using it. Just tested it and it works. Make sure the mod is enabled in the mod launcher.
I originally wanted to ask this a while ago, planning to do it on the Discord, but I forgot. Guess I'll ask here since the thread's been bumped anyway: why does this alternative to the other Phase mod exist? I assume it's because this version dynamically does it with a Lua script, meanwhile the original contained modified copies of nearly all vehicle scripts, hence this one would have a smaller file size?
Correct. It dynamically changes the files which reduces file size and was easier to update because of it.

And this should work with other mods. (However I'm not positive on that) I think because of newer changes I can update it to make sure of that though.

The mod is decompilable, but here is the entire mod's file so people can see how it works:

Name=Phase Lua

Name=Jake "AerHx" AndreĂžli



-- Load the file
local Path = "/GameData/" .. GetPath();
local File = ReadFile(Path);

File = File .. "\n\n" .. "SetMass(999999.0);\n\nSetHitPoints(999999.0);\n";


Note I am just setting the mass & hit points all over again. The game uses the last value it gets.
Nice! I bet this will help great with SOME missions.
qal1453, on some missions that involve destroying or bumping cars for items, it would need to be disabled, but if there was a way to dynamically enable/disable this for certain missions or scenarios, there could be a lot of fun with completing the game as fast as possible or something cool like that.
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