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I came up with some new ideas for Hacks that would be found in Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher. I am also relatively sure that the creation of them is possible.

Base Game Cheat Codes
These would be separate hacks that individually enable the base game's cheat codes when used. I say this as for whatever reason, when playing The Simpsons: Hit & Run on some desktops, entering cheat codes doesn't work. It doesn't matter what Options Menu, or if you have to use the FN key, they don't work. I have noticed that there is already a Hack to enable the Speedometer. If possible, Hacks for all of the cheat codes (including the silly things, like playing Kang and Kodos' dialogue in the Credits that are accessed via the Main Menu Options Menu).

Unlock All X
There are already Hacks that unlock All Rewards and All Missions, but none that unlock all Bonus Games, Movies, etc. This could also cross over with the Cheat Codes Hacks above, as the game does have cheat codes that unlock all of the Collector Cards and Costumes.

Would unlock everything and raise the game's completion to 100%.

Skippable Cutscenes
Would allow the player to skip cutscenes the first time viewing them.
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