Head Size Modifier 1.1

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You can adjust the size of every character's heads and create a bunch of abominations in Mod Settings. This mod was too great to have screenshots. This also affects some, but not all, gag models (and some gag characters will scar you for life with this mod).


  • Gag sounds play at normal speed. Unfortunately, changing the sound's speed makes them play out-of-sync to the animation. Besides, some gag characters aren't affected by this mod, so it wouldn't make much sense to change the sound's speed.

  • Added an option to fix the jaws of resized heads.
  • Added an option to fix Marge's hair for her resized head.
  • Added an option to premake the edited character models in Lua memory.
    • This reduces stuttering during gameplay at the cost of a MUCH slower startup time.
  • Mods are more compatible with this mod.
    • Previously, custom dialogue was not compatible and custom conversations broke as a result.

  • I spent more time adjusting the dialogue than actually resizing the heads.
I'm wondering, how scary will Cletus look...
how do you get the big heads?
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