save games dissapear

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so I was playing hit and run when I decided to go take a nap when I finished taking a nap I open simpsons hit and run when my save game has disappeared it also said when I tried to load a game no simpsons hit and run save files found but my save file was in my folder app data>local>virtualstore>program files x86>rg.mechanics simpsons hit and run I refreshed it and it disappeared can someone help me recover it or send me one on l2 m2 thanks
Judging by 'R.G. Mechanics' in your filepath, I assume your game install may be broken. I suggest you to reinstall the game and see if the saves work
[deleted user]9 months
R.G. Mechanics is the "KaPiTaL SiN" from the simpsons hit and run. So... install the official game in Amazon
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