Tesla Cybertruck

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A quick conversion, you can get it from Gil on level 1, has working doors, but characters bigger than Bart or Lisa wont properly fit in the truck. Decompilable, feel free to use it in a mod, give credit tho.
Nice work, Looks neat.
Tbh I like it, great job.
Looks cool! And btw, where did you convert it from?
Very nice, thanks!
this cybertruck is suck this worst car ever get game crash
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Your link is broken
I'm one of the few people who seemed to like the Cybertruck design when it was announced. It looks pretty plain and geometric with weird proportions to boot, but it was bold as fuck and I imagine some of the customizations for it will be insane.

That being said, this mod looks cool! The basic shape and modeling is pretty well done (is it from scratch)?

A couple changes that I think could benefit the mod having not played it yet:
-Delete the taillight joints entirely and just add a glowing effect to the light bar in the back.
-Turn up the shininess factor in the CON file a lot. The Cybertruck has a very sleek metal finish in reality.
-Lower the character scaling in the CON file so adult characters can sit in it properly.
-Sell the car in Level 5 and adjust the stats accordingly. It's way too high end of a car for Level 1 and I think Level 5 has the right atmosphere for it.
-Give the truck an alternate name in-game so it fits in better with the other cars (none of the cars in SHAR aside from the Stutz Bearcat use their real names).

Good job!
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