The Simpsons Hit and Run sequel?

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Many games have gotten sequels/remakes and was curious to see if there was anything for The Simpsons Hit & Run. Looking at some things online, it seems unlikely that there would be a sequel/remake, but you never know…

As of writing this, almost two decades have passed since the release of The Simpsons Hit & Run (2003) and all that has been released since then was The Simpsons Game (2007) and a bunch of mobile games throughout the years. It would be interesting to see another Simpsons Hit & Run game especially one made with a modern game engine.

It seems like a decent amount of people are interested in a sequel, I came across this petition and thought I’d share it.
Love ranting on this topic so I thought I'd do so asap.

While the Simpson's game licences are under EA that will never happen. Hit and run is a legal clusterfuck where too many people have different rights to the game so it's almost impossible to create a direct sequel or remaster.

Yes, there is a workaround to this which is making another Simpson's GTA clone, but they won't do it because of having to swallow their pride. This is the most talked about Simpson's themed videogame and one of the very few that EA had no control over. They wouldnt touch it with a stick.

Also remastering the game is a ridiculous idea mostly my opinion but also some may agree with me for these reasons.

The game is extremely broken, has poor map design and is extremely repetitive. In this community, most of laugh it off but others won't see it that way. I bet you that almost everyone who wants this game remastered hasn't played it in 15 years and wouldn't have known how bad this game really is. I believe that the game would get poor ratings in a remastered state because the nostalgia will wear off.

Sequel wise I don't know. The simpsons stories in both hit and run and Simpson's game were pretty bad and had so many plot holes. Road rages story was straightforward and so you didn't feel like you needed to question it. I wish the other Simpson's games were more straightforward.

It also comes down to the fact that EA currently make the games under this licence and I do not want to be paying lots of money possibly with microtransactions as well as getting another game launcher to play a sequel to something that isn't as good as I used to remember.

The only benefit I can see to any of this is a digital release as its extremely hard to get a legitimate copy and most of us resort to other ways out of necessity. But apart from that I can't see any benefit to a sequel or remaster.

And the link is really stupid and won't do anything. The whole point of that site is for political change and I feel like making a petition based on an almost 20 year old game is almost shitposting.

Okay rant done.

Also this isn't an attack or anything of the sort, I don't believe anyone is stupid for wanting some sort of hit and run continuation. Its just that it will never happen especially under the current right owners.
I had also seen some things about a remastered version of this game as well. However, I do not think that would be likely to happen. Besides, if it was to happen, remastered versions of fo games are rarely good. A sequel, on the other side, would be greatly appreciated by many. I know this game has a lot of fans that over the years come back again and again to this fantastic game, me being one of those. So, a sequel of this game with the current engines would be pretty amazing for the die-hard fans. I say for the die-hard fans as nowadays The Simpsons are not as popular and mainstream as they used to be back in the 2000s when the majority of the show's games were released.

I don't know for sure, I am no expert and could certainly be extremely wrong. I am just a fan who would love to see a sequel coming out. But just on the same note of me being just a fan without much inside knowledge of what it would take to pull off such stunt, I would also assume that the interest from the companies in-charged of The Simpsons in the present wouldn't be too interested in doing this,
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